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Instant digital transfer of funds around the world. Using blockchain technology for software development. Reliable and fast.

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Information about us

Our company was founded in 2007. We provide services in the IT field. To this day, we have assembled a team of five people interested in the usage of blockchain technology for software development. We have plenty of interesting ideas we want to implement. We are ready to work hard and implement our plans in accordance to the Road Map, but for this we require large financial support. At this point ICO isn't conducted, we invite philanthropists, sponsors and overall interested people and companies to help us.

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Our team of professionals

To this day, our team has 5 members. As we gather additional funds, our team will be reinforced with true professionals!

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Makarov Roman Viktorovich

Founder. CEO. Developer. Project manager.
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Fomin Roman Valeryevich

Ideological inspirer. Consultant.
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Makarova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Media. Public relations.

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Listova Ekaterina Viktorovna

Sales manager. Media.

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Kulyov Kirill Aleksandrovich


Road Map

On each stage we strive to pay attention to every little detail. Our estimated schedule is displayed below. Reaching these goals will depend on funding.

Q4-December 2017
Preparation of technical resources
Preparatory works
Q1-March 2018
Re-organization. Planning. Working with terms of reference.
Re-organization and planning.
Q2-June 2018
Donation gathering start. Team expansion. Blockchain design.
Gathering donations
Q3-September 2018
Setting up an office. Registration of a company in UAE or Estonia.
Workflow checkout
Q4-December 2018
Launching our blockchain. Creating wallets.
Launching blockchain
Q1-March 2019
Testing the network. Mining. Working on the selected project.
Q3-September 2019
API testing and debugging.
Software development using API (RTF).
Full scale launch
Q1-March 2020
Further development and improvement...
Improvement and new projects...

Making donations

We accept donations in cryptocurrency and transfers in USD, EUR, RUB. We accept any amounts of cryptocurrency you'd like to donate for the development of blockchain technologies. When making a donation with our organization's banking details, donations of no less than 1000 USD are accepted. You can donate without compensation, or receive a certificate which will allow you to add to the balance of your future wallet in cryptocurrency, equivalent to the donation amount. Our WhitePaper has detailed information about the planned emission of cryptocurrency. You can only activate your certificate after the launch of our blockchain network. The digital certificate is fully anonymous, you can do whatever you want with it.

If you make a donation of an amount larger than 1000 USD, we will send you our company souvenir - an A4 sized frame made from Karelian birch with a printed certificate. With a donation up from 10000 USD we will offer to place your information in our "Sponsors" section. A donation larger than 50000 USD will get you the same wooden frame and an exclusive souvenir made from Karelian birch (the exact kind of the souvenir will be a surprise). All souvenirs are made by true professionals and renowned craftsmen. Every souvenir will come with a code to identify its authenticity. The amount of the souvenirs is limited.
To be prioritized for your review as a supernode holder, you need to donate the amount of no less than 80000 USD.

Step 1 (choosing the donation method):

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Receiving a digital certificate/reward

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Partners, sponsors, philanthropists and investors

We present our partners, sponsors, philanthropists and investors, each of whom contributed to our project. (Only the people and companies who gave their consent are presented.)

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LLC "RosTechno"

The organization provides IT services for state and municipal needs. The founder made a donation in exchange for a digital certificate.

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Free block

Make a donation and have your information displayed here.

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Free block

Make a donation and have your information displayed here.

Frequently asked questions

Our team is always ready to answer to your questions. The most frequently asked questions are listed below:

At the moment, the juridical person is registered in Russian Federation. After achieving the goal of the first stage, we plan to additionally register a legal entity in the UAE, or in Estonia. The final decision of the registration location will be made later.
No, we will not conduct ICO.
A digital certificate is issued in exchange for a donation larger than 50 USD. The certificate allows you to add to the balance of your wallet created with our cryptocurrency, equivalent to the donation amount.
Our cryptocurrency is not on any exchanges yet. We will think of listing it on exchanges after our blockchain starts functioning.
We consider such a possibility with the usage of supernodes.
You can review the detailed information about the cryptocurrency in our WhitePaper.
We are planning to achieve the following goals with our cryptocurrency: scaling, instant transactions, API for applications and WEB, easily customizable SMART-contacts, interesting and useful functional features of the RTF wallet (we'll tell about them later).
To be prioritized for your review as a supernodes holder, you need to make a donation equivalent to the amount of no less than 80000 USD. Technical details about settings and hardware requirements will be announced later.
We will not tolerate failure, we have a stinging desire to work and to show everyone what we're capable of!